Tom Dale Company

British Council Edinburgh Showcase 20-24 August, 2013

Refugees of the Septic Heart

Dance Base, Venue 22, 14-16 Grassmarket, Edinburgh

20- 24 August 2013 : 18.00

Preview 20 Aug : 12.00

Tickets + 44 (0) 131 255 5525

£12.00 (£10.00)      Age: 14+

Following its Spring tour, TDC is presenting Refugees of the Septic Heart as part of the prestigious British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2013.

Explosive physicality, urban soundscapes and graphic visuals ignite in a mischievous exploration of life perched on the brink of change. Described by as a, “choreographic concept album”, Refugees of the Septic Heart is a thought provoking and philosophical new work reflecting the heart beat of a nation; An animalistic tribe of 6 dancers embark on an evolutionary journey spanning a distant past to a high-finance future before exploding into a new dimension.

Inspired by a pulsating cinematic score by Shackleton and spoken-word artist Vengeance Tenfold, Tom Dale’s choreography shifts between fast paced fluidity, explosive athleticism and utter stillness. A unique gracefulness dissolves into chaotic hurtling action, thoughtful duets, and spirited solos.

Digital projections by Barret Hodgson create a mesmerising elemental and abstract environment skilfully transforming the set into an evolving landscape. An audio visual world of digital animation, music and movement

Refugees of the Septic Heart is brought to you by the creative team behind the British Council Edinburgh showcase 2011 hit, I Infinite.

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“The expressive performances of Ariadna Girones Meta and the mischievous Hugh Stainer stood out, but the movements of all the dancers in this small troupe of six are at once limpidly fluid and relaxed yet explosive and physically powerful…projected to create the backdrop for the entire performance, the combined impact of these visual graphics, the dancers’ movement and the music is stunning.” Behind the Arras

The dancers pitch and hurl as if, having materialised from the universe at the beginning, they are blasted back into it at the end. It’s a mesmerising, apocalyptic vision, pumped with the inhuman, unearthly beauty of destruction – more thrilling than horrifying, like the big-bang finale of a film, or the crashing power-chords that close a gig.                London Dance

Refugees of the Septic Heart is a very rich work, with the audience being taken on a journey by Tom Dale into a futuristic world where existential themes are explored, as is the notion of an end game. It’s a feast for the senses, and one to savour every moment of. Cloud Dance Festival